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Our goal is to maximize relaxation while offering family friendly entertainment.


Enjoy the joys of Archery with family and friends, And put to task your eye- hand coordination and focus skills.


Painting & Pencil Art

 Come with your little ones and loved ones to enjoy a painting or Pencil art clinic, Get to express yourself in art and surprise yourself at what your hands and mind can put together under the guidance of our able instructors.


Treasure Hunt

Find your treasure in the hunt, Come enjoy our designed list of fun and mind teasing clues that span across Riddles, Anagrams, Puzzles, Story maps, Windings etc.



We have a safe and secure track fit for jogging and walking and an outdoor gym fitted with equipment to facilitate your workouts in order to achieve the best outcomes in physical fitness and health.



Park Benches

We offer an open space for those seeking a quiet time to relax in nature.


Bird Watching

For lovers of nature, we have set up bird houses to welcome exotic birds which regularly visit the park.

To visit Eugenia Park you need a reservation and a valid entrance ticket.

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Welcome to our park

Where to find us

Exit 14, Kenyatta Road (Gatundu), 5 kilometers off Thika Super Highway